Choosing an outfit for summer days can be a quite difficult task if you are opting to be both comfortable and stylish. Take a look at these outfit ideas in order to be comfortable in a stylish manner.


A tunic with a pair of leggings is a perfect outfit. Especially a printed or a plain tunic paired with white leggings can give you a very sophisticated look. Your look will be even greater if the tunic is of a bold colour such as navy blue, turquoise or orange. The contrast will make both pieces standout. Complete this look with a pair of gold or silver statement earrings and a pair of sandal heels. If you are not a fan of tight leggings you can pair your tunic with loose pants. Wide-leg pants of a darker colour will look very modern and chic with a tunic. For this outfit minimum jewellery and a pair of flat sandals will be enough.

Dresses/ Skirts

You can never go wrong with wearing a dress. Specially, one made of natural fibre such as cotton or linen will be one of the most comfortable summer outfits you can wear. A maxi gown or even a short frock will require minimum jewelry and you can wear them with a pair of gladiator sandals. Just search for sundresses for summer or boho maxi dresses Australia and you can get a number of options to choose from, from some of the best designers. You can also pair a long skirt and a t-shirt with a bold neckline together or a short skirt with a tucked in top. Crop tops work wonders with long skirts too.

Jumper suits

If you want to show off your style and opt for something different other than the everyday dress and trouser look you can choose to wear a jumpsuit. You can wear it with a pair of heels or wedges to give a more elongated and flattering look to the outfit. Adding a belt to the jumpsuit will give it a fancier look. If you want to choose a printed pattern go for unique patterns that will make you stand out. Adding a hat to this outfit will be a great match too. Pieces of jewellery that stand out such as those that are chunky or of a contrasting colour will be perfect for this attire.

Shorts/ Miniskirts

For someone who is easily bothered by the heat and is looking for an outfit that does not cover their legs, shorts and miniskirts are the best item. This will be a perfect outfit for a hangout with friends, college or even a day out at the beach. Pairing a plain, light colour t-shirt or a plain crop top with a skirt or a short will look very funky and hip and at the same time will make you very comfortable wherever you go. You will not have to worry too much on jewellery, makeup and other accessories. A pair of neutral coloured sandals will match with these outfits. Sneaker or flat pumps will also make you look fabulous while still being comfortable.

Depending on the purpose, your outfit may have to differ. The key to get the perfect outfit is to match it right with other accessories and balance out the colours you wear.

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