The 21st-century has presented us with quite an interesting era and turn of events, and of the many different industries it has altered, fashion is one of the most prominent. With continued advancements in technology, the results derived have been truly mind-boggling to say the least. However, with our increasingly fast-paced and busy lifestyles, we have less attention to pay to our wardrobe, whilst also being required to look sharp throughout the day. It is very common to flit in and out of meetings all day, and then be required to attend another slew of events by evening, which is not the easiest of tasks if you have to keep changing all the time. So here are a few useful pointers to help you look crisp always.

Julia Caesar

Clean Cuts

Today, it’s all about looking good and presenting yourself well. Dowdy, frumpy clothes do not give off a good first impression, as shallow as that might seem. One of the easiest ways to transition from one meeting to another on a regular day, is to invest in clothes with clean cuts. In other words, neat stitches and clear distinction. This makes it easy to wear with others, and effortlessly blend into any situation, no matter what the purpose may be.


Or double-down. What this means is that you should look for clothes and outfits that can be paired up or down. So maybe a nice shirt with a skirt and blazer work well for the office, but what about drinks with friends you promised to have? Off with the blazer and on with maybe a cute scarf for instance. Get the drift? When shopping for clothes in general make sure you start opting for those you can easily dress up or down, like thefable shirts for example.


If you think it is time for you to change your style, why not do some extensive research into it? Find out which styles are best suited to you, and then ask friends or family (whose opinions you trust), to tell you what they think. You can also visit a few stores in person, and have a chat with the salespeople to understand what sort of body shape and fit you should be going for. This will help with your outfit looking more tailored, as mentioned above. You also get to know about all the various kinds of fabrics, which is just as important as all that other stuff.

Common Hacks

You know those hacks you come across on Pinterest or in random articles online? Well, save a few of those. At least the reliable ones. Though you cannot possibly manage every wardrobe malfunction that hits you when you least expect it, by familiarizing yourself with a few, you will be able to at least be prepared for some of them. Got an ink stain? Pants split? Fluff on your sweater? No problem. Tend to the problem and be out the door with minimal hassle. These definitely need to be classified as life skills.


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