A secondary facial cosmetic procedure is performed in order to rectify issues that may have taken place owing to ageing and sun damage after the patient went through an initial surgery. Sometimes, during their first time, many patients feel that they did not get what they wanted completely and go in for a secondary procedure to specifically tend to these ‘loose ends’. On the other hand, but rarely, secondary procedures are done in order to address and try and correct complications that many have arisen from the first. You need to remember though, that a secondary procedure can be simpler than the first if it is just the removal of a bit of loose skin or the likes while it could get more complicated if you are doing something bigger since the scar tissue underneath your skin from the first process will not be as flexible and yielding as the rest. Now we take a look at the goals of undergoing a secondary facial cosmetic process.

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Keeping It All Natural

The most common and often desired goal of a revision facelift is to give everything a subtle and natural appearance and give out a healthy and youthful feel to your facial features. This needs to be done with minimal to absolutely no signs of having gone through the procedure.

Correcting a Sagging Neck Area

One of the most common problems that makes people go back for secondary facial correction surgery is the loose or sagging neck skin. After a certain period of years, the initial athletic contouring that helped add elegance to your neckline will be lost and the loose neck tissue will begin to sag. However, if this is your problem, a simple correction is all that is needed for this process to be completed.

Correcting Jowls

Fat loss in various areas of your face is something that can naturally be experienced with ageing. The most prominent areas where this can be noticed in many people is the area underneath the eyes, upper cheeks, around the mouth and even in the lips. Other areas too will begin to lose the amount of fat that is there at some point. Jowls, grooves and lines are all created as the skin begins to droop due to fat loss. Fat injections and secondary facial surgery can easily restore that young and elegant appearance that you craved to achieve and give you even more appeal.

Flattened Cheeks and Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes caused by hollowing of the areas underneath your eyes and upper lids because of fat loss can cause you to get a tired and sometimes even skeletal appearance. When the skin loses fat and elasticity, your cheeks will become flat as well. However, the right secondary surgery can really help restore the youthful contours of your facial features and combined with the correct fat injections, you will have a great looking final result. One very commonly fixed issue is the case of crow’s feet that that can be fixed with a tiny surgical process done on your brow. These are some of the most common goals that you can look to achieve through secondary facial cosmetic procedures.

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