There comes a point in (almost) every man’s life, when they need to take the big leap and pop the all-important question. For more reasons than one, this can be an understandably nerve-wracking experience, and one cannot be blamed for needing guidance throughout the whole thing. On that note, this article will aim to tackle all the things one might not know about proposing. That means looking beyond the bended knee and the perfect dinner by the Eiffel Tower. It means thinking out-of-the-box and trying to see something so widespread with new eyes.

Put More into the Experience Itself

Nobody is contesting that the ring obviously plays an important role here, but do not get carried away with only that. Remember there is everything else to think about too. The entire proposal is made up of so many different elements, so you want to make sure they all tie in well together. After all, years from now, you will be recounting how you felt, how the moment was, and how magical everything was instead of how sparkly the ring was. Look at it as an experience as a whole.

It Costs More Than You Would Think

How bad the damages are really depends on how elaborate you want the proposal to be, but you should know that even the lowest budget proposal is probably going to set you back financially. It is just something you have to accept. Whether you shop for diamond engagement rings Melbourneor elsewhere, know that you should have a budget already laid out. Ideally, you should budget for the ring first and then work your way from there so you have a clearer idea of how things can pan out.

Ask for Dad’s Permission. Always

Not yours, your significant other’s! Research shows that around 83% of woman appreciate their fathers being consulted first, before the proposal goes ahead. It is an age-old tradition, but a beautiful one at that, which with recent times has started reducing. However, as majority is definitely in favour of this tradition being adhered to, you had best stick to it instead of starting out on the wrong foot with your future father-in-law! Plus, it effortlessly puts you in the driver’s seat and their good books. Which, as you might agree, is important when joining a whole new family!

Surprises Go a Long Way

Some may try to opt for something different, and instead of surprising their significant other may want to be straightforward about it. Which is not entirely a bad idea, except that a major percentage still prefers to be surprised. So do make sure you stick to surprising, no matter what your engagement plan is. They never get old, and besides, the look on their face when they catch onto what is going on, will be one for the memory books for many years to come. You should have some idea about what your future betrothed would want, and tailor your proposal accordingly. Sometimes, it helps to stick to certain ways of doing things as they are.

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