Dressing and looking your best on a day to day basis is something that most people invest a lot of time and thought into. When it comes to wanting to look your best, you want to also make sure that you get the items that is very necessary and work around with different pieces to mix and match. This way not only will you have a wide range of outfits, but you will also be wise about the money that you will end up spending. Instead of buying just about anything and everything that looks good and is fancy investing in the few good smart pieces will allow for you to create your own style and eventually a nice wardrobe that you cannot go wrong with. Here are some must have items for you to build your own chic wardrobe.

The Right Mix of Outerwear

From cardigans to body suits there is a lot of options that you can find out there. You should consider and buy womens tops online. They have a huge range of nice upper body attire that is both stylish and affordable. Invest in a good quality bodysuit, bustier and crop tops that you can wear with jackets, cardigans and other knit wears to create layers and style to your overall look. Not only will these pieces help you look tasteful in summer but you can always double layer to look good in them during the colder seasons also.

Interesting Throws and Layering Pieces

From a fancy ethic print poncho, to a nice tailored jacket you will need to invest in a few items that you can put out for a fancy day. Be it you are going out for a formal dinner with work mates or you are visiting the newest arts club for an open night, you want to make sure you look impressive and not boring. So having such pieces will allow for you to team them up with nice pants and pencil skirts to give you that stylish yet playful look that will make a good impression regardless of your environment.

A Good Quality White Tee

Even though this is something that looks very boring, it is a must have if you want to mix and match to make an impression. A white tee can be worn with denims, skirts and just about anything. You can pull a casual look or make things more formal. It will all depend on how you accessorise and what you will team it up with.

The Ultimate Black Pants

Whether you want to wear it with a nice silk top and pumps to work or team it with a relaxed tee for a chilled out weekend is totally up to you. You can do so much with it that you might want to have more than just one as you will be literally wearing them out.

Having a nice wardrobe also means that you feel comfortable in them. No point looking like you walked out of a magazine and not feel comfortable. You must not wear anything that makes you feel like you are simply putting on a facade.

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