Fashion is probably one of the most versatile and interesting subjects that there is to discuss about just because of the sheer amount of diversity that it brings in. there are new trends being formed day in and day out while some of them stand the test of time, others disappear gradually until they are no longer around much. Here are some great fashion trends that used to be all the craze in the past but have steadily disappeared with time.

Big hair accessories

While hair accessories are still very popular certain types of them are no longer worn much to be seen. For example getting fascinators online in Australia would probably be the best bet of finding these type of hair embellishments because the actual shops that still sell them are far and in between. The same goes to things like big and thick strings of pearls that would be wrapped around a chignon. There are far simpler designs today that have overtaken these hair accessory trends even though they were really elegant ones.

Huge polka dots

Every now and then we do see the magical big, bold, white polka dot do an appearance here and there. Polka dots used to be a big fashion go-go once upon a time until somebody decided that they looked really unflattering. The truth however is that polka dots have that sort of timeless innocence and quirky edge to it that can really lighten and liven up the mood of anybody who sees it. They are fun to wear and they most certainly will make you stand out.

Thick ribbons in hair

A few decades back, hair ribbons that held lovely curls in place was a big turn on. That changed too. Ribbons became more and more associated with little girls looking cute while the ribbon in the hair of an adult female turned more into the side of colourful bandannas that look a lot more hip. The ribbons are being used in a lot of cosplay though where manga characters are concerned.

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Bell bottoms

These types of pants are still being worn here and there but they were the probably the biggest hit in their time. with the trend of skinny jeans that stick to you like an uncomfortable second skin taking over comfy pants that bellow out at the ankles, the bell bottom has gone a tad bit missing in action. However, it has to be mentioned that these bell bottoms make for some really great and statement creating office wear if you can get your hands on them somehow.

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