While some of us spend a lot of time deciding what we should wear, there are others who just choose what they first find in their closet and wear that wherever they go. If you are someone who does not get uncomfortable with people looking at you in a strange way or in a disappointed way, dressing following the second method is fine. However, dressing with concern is something we should all learn to do.

Our clothes and the accessories we pair up with those clothes help us to present ourselves to the world. There are some good reasons for why we need to pay attention to what we wear.

To Look Beautiful

The first reason behind any of us taking time to dress nicely is to look beautiful. None of us want to spend a lot of money on a dress and find out we look really bad in that dress. Clothes help us present ourselves in the best light. If you have chosen the right clothes they help to cover up your imperfections and let you appear to be really nice. Some of us have either too large or too skinny legs. Both can look not very pleasant if we wear something really short. Therefore, we can choose to wear something long enough to hide part of the legs.

People See You from What You Wear

Though each clothing item does not have the power to tell people who you are, they are going to judge you from what you wear. For example, if you end up in a funeral wearing a bright yellow dress people are going to consider you as a disrespectful person as that is a time of mourning where black is the right colour to wear.

To Show Your Respect for the Host

If you are going to a party, you have to dress in the right manner because if you do not dress properly that is going to be disrespectful to the host. He or she who invited you will think you did not consider their invitation valuable to dress something nice for the occasion.

To Be Comfortable Where You Are

Another downside to not paying attention to what you wear is begin uncomfortable at a place as you have dressed wrong. For example, if everyone is going to the beach and you end up with high heels you are going to have tough time.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to what you wear if you want to look beautiful and have your dignity.

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